SVPISTM is a dynamic institute under the Ministry of Textiles offering courses including MBA approved by AICTE. The institute is a pioneer in the field of Textiles Management that has been providing comprehensive Education, Training, Consultancy and Research in the niche area of Textiles, Apparel and Retail. In collaboration with Central University, Tamil Nadu (CUTN), the institute offers the following specializations in MBA from the academic year 2016-2017.

MBA Textile Management

  • MBA Textile Management is a master degree program suitable for students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Applied learning experiences combined with classroom instruction provide SVPISTM students with the essential technical and business skills needed to effectively manage and lead the modern textile and technology management organizations around the globe. Outdoor training and internships do equip the students with adequate knowledge and professional character required in their career.

MBA Apparel Management

  • MBA Apparel Management is a master degree program suitable for students from a wide variety of backgrounds. The programme has been customized in the context of the industry requirements to provide the right education needed to foray the Global Apparel Market, harness the efficiency of the apparel sector, use India-centric innovation as a key differentiator, and apply the learning to the emerging garment market situations in general.

MBA Retail Management

  • MBA Retail Management is a master degree program suitable for students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Most executives in this sector have learnt retail management “on-the-job”. It’s a great option for an individual who possess an avid interest in sales, business diversification, campaigning, advertising, market research and market segmentation, etc. Students can explore new companies introduced to the market, see how they innovate with new products and how they compete with established companies.

MBA Technical Textile Management

  • MBA Technical Textile Management is a master's degree program designed for students from diverse educational backgrounds. This program blends applied learning experiences with classroom instruction, equipping SVPISTM students with the critical technical and business skills necessary to manage and lead contemporary technical textile and technology management organizations worldwide. Through outdoor training and internships, students gain the comprehensive knowledge and professional character essential for their careers in the technical textile industry.

MBA Textile Business Analytics

  • MBA Textile Business Analytics is a master’s degree program designed to accommodate students from diverse academic backgrounds. The curriculum focuses on integrating data-driven decision-making processes with industry-specific knowledge, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared to tackle complex challenges in the textile industry using advanced analytical tools and methodologies.


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