Information Technology (IT), an integral part of our daily life, is an ocean by itself. The ENDIRA club helps students to make use of IT in a positive way and to enhance their knowledge in modern technology. The club provides students with opportunities to discuss various IT issues outside the classroom in order to create a greater appreciation for and understanding of technology. Students plan field trips, guest lectures, and special events during the year;

The club stands to deliver quality student-centered support hub that encourages students to improve academically and participate in college and external activities. The ENDIRA club targets to provide an environment for students to share and extend their knowledge and hence improve their overall skills both technical and cognitive. The club also organizes various interaction classes within the group and among interested students along with industry visits and interactions with professionals from IT industry.

The club believes in fostering corporate social responsibility among its members and thus simulate their social responsibility awareness that will ensure them to grow to responsible citizens and face the society and its ever-growing challenges outside the college and their future workplace. In addition to their own education, ENDIRA Club members strive to educate the masses on the use of technology.

Our Vision

To promote and encourage the student community in technology skill development and to make use of it in their development by safe use of technology.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the students use IT in best possible manner and also be updated with the latest trends in IT by conducting regular events and programs.

  • Provide an effective support to improve students’ academic performance.
  • Improve students’ engagement in college and external activities which include but not limited to industry visits, seminars, workshops and training.
  • Strengthen students’ relationship with one another fostering a responsible sharing of knowledge through the use of different tools of communications and personal interactions.
  • Provide opportunities to explore and nurture students’ talents in cognitive and IT skills, entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills and develop ethical behavior.


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