Dr. C. Sathishkumar M.Sc.,Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor

Mr. C. Sathishkumar, has obtained his UG and PG degree in Chemistry from Bharathiar University. After his post graduate degree he has worked at SITRA (South India Textile Research Centre) and he acquired wide ranging & rich experience in the testing of textile materials and water analysis textile expertise in handling the several sophisticated instruments like spectroscopic and chromatogaraphic based state-of the art equipments GC-MS, LC MS MS, ICP-MS, etc., and. He is pursuing his Ph.D degree in the field of Inorganic chemistry from Bharathiar university. He has five years of research experience in the field of organo metallic chemistry inter-disciplinary with nano science and technology. He has published 2 research articles in international journals and also presented 12 papers in the national and International level conferences. He has worked with the projects which were funded by DST-SERB. His research Interest is synthesis of Dye Sensitizers for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells. Also focusing, on the themes of ligand design, synthesis of transition metal complexes like synthesis of Organic Supramolecules, Metallo-organic Frameworks (MOFs), Metallo-polymers, Nano materials and their applications to textile and energy applications and its applications in Dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC) and Perovskite solar cells. He is a member of Royal Chemical Society (MRCS). Addition to being a chemistry graduate, later he took up the study of YOGA and completed post graduate in Yoga for Human Excellence.


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