SVPITM, through its proactive faculty, staff and student programs, will annually look into the following:

  • Promoting communication with respect for human dignity and social responsibility.
  • Allow the recognition of multidimensional representations of women and men.
  • Promote communications that represent unbiased representations of gender equity.
  • Conduct workshops that promote diversity and gender-sensitive communication for members and employees.
  • A senior role in every campus whom faculty and students can reach out in matters of need related to gender-related communication.
  • Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for implementation and their follow-ups.
  • Conducting regular awareness-raising activities among students and staff
  • In classes, faculty members promote working together, fair representations for leadership roles, facilitate impartial participation, gender balance in team projects when possible, promote students meeting with faculty, having open and closed sessions with faculty members of the appropriate gender for related scenarios, complaints and counseling during class hours and at hostels.
  • Our student code of conduct promotes gender parity at the governance level.

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